Volzke Funeral Home Chapel Our private chapel, which can accommodate 170 people, offers a quiet and tranquil setting with a viewing area at the front.

Paved Parking Lot
Volzke Casket Selection Room We have plenty of convenient parking next to our funeral home . Our parking lot was newly paved in 2010.

Casket Selection Room
Volzke Casket Selection Room Our casket selection room offers a selection of twenty full size caskets.

Vault Display
Volzke Vault Display Although Nebraska State Law does not require a vault, it is important to know that each cemetery has its own regulations. We can guide you through these requirements. We offer Wilbert Vaults, which are made in Lincoln, Nebraska. These vaults are made of reinforced concrete including an A.B.S. or Strentex plastic inner liner material.

Volzke Cremation Options At Volzke Funeral Home, our services are tailored to your unique needs and wishes. In addition to traditional funeral arrangements, we offer families five different cremation options.

Families may choose from:
  • 1) Cremation with viewing, funeral service and earth burial
  • 2) Cremation with memorial service and earth burial
  • 3) Cremation with memorial service
  • 4) Cremation with earth burial
  • 5) Basic cremation