Lee Roy Hoeft

Born: Friday, February 13th 1959 in Hayward, California
Died: Friday, December 21st 2018 in Seward, Nebraska
Age: 59 years, 10 months and 8 days
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Lee Roy Hoeft of York, Nebraska passed away on 21 December 2018 while at work due to natural causes. Lee was a proud member of the Tenneco Automotive family in Seward, Nebraska. They allowed him to do something he loved—drive forklifts and yard tractors. Lee was born on 13 February 1959 in Hayward, California, where his family lived until 1965. They then moved to Pleasanton, California where Lee grew up during his key formative years and where he still has a number of friends. In the 1980’s, he moved to York, Nebraska as part of what some would say was a family migration. For those who knew Lee, they would describe him as a quiet individual. He was that, he was also a very athletic individual with well developed hand-eye coordination—he was athletic as a young adult. Lee loved rideing his Harley and what he called his “Big Truck”. He was a giving individual who helped others on a selective, quiet basis. On his passing, there are still a number of family members in York. He is survived by his brothers Russ and Ed, his nieces Alexis, Samantha Hoeft, nephews Brian and Christopher Hoeft, grand nieces Chloe and Winter Koch, Stormy Hoeft and grand nephews, Jeff Koch, Damon Hoeft. Lee was one of six children of James and Juanita Hoeft. Lee and Russ were the youngest and spent most of their lives together. His last grand adventure was to attend the wedding of his nephew in Pleasanton, California in November 2018.

Lee Hoeft